Welcome to the world of Europe's underground best kept secret.
Looking back at more then two decades of Djing, Noema is a true master at the decks.
Through his profound selection, mesmerizing dramaturgy and excepetional mixing skills, his sets take the audience to dionysian highs and places they didn't know they wanted to go to until getting there.
You’ve probably moved your feet to his edit of Ata Kak ‘Daa Nyinaa’, a stone-cold fox of an anthem that appeared on massive hit African Shakedown #1. As head of The Magic Movementlabel, Noema is responsible for iconic releases, such as „1542“ by Xique-Xique, „Folha de Jurema“by Nicola Cruz, „Ponto Gira“ by Carrot Green and the debut EP „Khronos“ by Oceanvs Orientalis