An internationally renowned spiritual teacher, and speaker, Miriam guides people back to their bodies through the transformational power of movement, sound and breathwork. With sacred Kundalini kriyas and mantras Miriam leads a well-rounded transformational journey that grounds us into the wisdom held within. By quieting the mind and letting go of habits, we free ourselves from the things that constrain our worlds, inviting the flow of life force to charge the body, re-establish our roots and reconnect to spirit.

In Miriam’s Traditional Tea Ceremonies, we are invited to slow down, and to connect with each other in silence and with intention. The consciousness of a plant is equal in all cells. We therefore ingest the whole wisdom of a tree by drinking the juice of one leaf. The power of connecting through tea in silence with each other is stronger than a thousand words, which makes this a heart-opening, and devotional ritual.

Miriam offers private movement and breath sessions, crafted to open the gates to your transformation through an individually tailored coaching process. Integrating embodiment practices and rituals to deepen your breath and nourish your soul, Miriam guides you to establish your own morning routine and sacred practice.