Born in the desert in northern Mexico and based in Barcelona, Miret has been inspired by his different homes and multiple travels, getting very diverse cultural influences.After exploring numerous musical styles and traditions, Miret's productions and shows have become a fine blend incorporating traditional worldwide music, emotional vocals, and a diversity of samples and recordings into his fine sound palette, all vertebrated with solid and groovy electronic rhythms that invite to meditation, profound connection, and dance.

Miret’s original music and remixes have been released in labels such as Underyourskin Records (DE), Casa Caos (BR), Cosmic Awakenings (USA), Souk Records (CA), Tropical Twista (BR), Shango Records (UK), Acker Records (DE) etc.

He has also reached the top selling charts in Beatport, Juno etc. with many of his productions.

In the last year he has performed in various international well known festivals and venues in Mexico, Brasil, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Belgium and a long etc.; including Festival Cruïlla, Fusion, Gardens of Babylon, Sao Paulo Carnival, 3000o Festival, a Residency at Nômade Tulum, and many more.

Miret has played alongside and is supported by artists such as Be Svendsen, Stavroz, Romare, David Meyer, Fakear, Gramatik, Nortec Collective, Crussen, Spaniol, Tunnelvisions, Noema, and a long etc.