Marie-Sophie Kiepe

Marie-Sophie is a holistic body therapist, who is fascinated by the non-verbal art of healing. After a knee injury stopped her from pursuing her career as a classical ballet dancer, she started exploring the body’s intrinsic tendency to self-heal. She has studied physical therapy, osteopathic medicine, public health, gyrokynesis and Tibetan pulse therapy. Throughout her studies she has worked in different clinical settings, as well as in the global field of dance medicine, such as at the Vienna State Opera and the National Ballet in Montevideo, Uruguay. Accompanying clients on deep transformative healing experiences in more alternative settings, Marie-Sophie has worked at Nierika Medicine Institute in Mexico. Her mission is to help people to re-connect with themselves, as well as to experience vibrant life-energy and embodied wholeness. 

During her stay at San Giorgio from August 11 to August 31, Marie-Sophie will guide us through various holistic body sessions to develop intrinsic body awareness through breath and movement.