At the core of all great wisdom traditions is the emphasis on expanding our capacity for experience without losing our center. The Scorpion Medicine is a mythic reality where freedom, rather than fear, is the guide. Far from mere hedonism, in the domain of fearlessness, we open the capacity to hold greater and greater degrees of feeling without getting lost or shutting down. The scorpion is a sovereign creature, capable of surviving just about anything. 

What dimension of the self is truly and indestructibly sovereign? How do we come to know our very own ingrained sovereignty? Join Leila for practices, talks, and rituals to expand feeling, grow at the edge of our relationships, and anchor in the unassailable center of your own heart.

Leila is a practical mystic guiding people and communities to greater freedom and higher planes of creative expression. A healer, mentor, as well as yoga and meditation teacher, she is gifted at creating evocative and uplifting rituals to mark the phases of life and build community with love and power. A long-time student of the world’s most potent esoteric traditions, Leila translates ancient teachings on power, presence, and embodied awakening for a modern audience. Leila offers group classes and private sessions.