Le Val

Setting the framework for this year’s season through honoring ancient Greek civilization and mythology, Le Val opens and closes the season with a ritual that is inspired by the oracle of Delphi. In this interactive and immersive ritual, Le Val draws on ancient Greek mythology to guide us through a deep visualization meditation. Connecting to the elements of the Greek land, we will journey through an aura balancing and energetic cleansing ritual that allows us to return to a deep understanding of ourselves. Entering a place of collective knowing we will ask the oracle for insights and wisdom on our most pressing questions.    

 A modern and mystic storyteller, Le Val shares insights into the storybook of the human condition. Through interactive talks and workshops, we explore the way ancient civilizations integrated healing, magic and altered states of consciousness. Most importantly we will discover how these ancient techniques and myths could give us guidance today, and support us in understanding ourselves, and our soul purpose on more profound levels. 

 Le Val offers group classes that explore themes such as Tarot, Astrology, Greek mythology, as well as hypnosis and alchemy medicine. He also offers private sessions guiding guests to their particular calling here on earth.