Singing and expressing ourselves through our voice is our birthright. Releasing our voice offers us the opportunity to truly see ourselves and allows us to find our unique expression from which we can influence the world. When the voice is allowed to move freely without judgment we experience a deep remembering of who we are. Finding our voice becomes a technique to remember the self that existed before cultural conditioning, habitual patterns and expectations of what ‘should’ be. Connecting to our true voice is not about creating a ‘perfect’ sound. It is about remembering and returning home, and to listen again to a deeply rooted part of ourselves.

Using the power and wisdom held in ancient songs to help us remember and discover our own unique sound, Katya’s immersive sound workshops are an invitation to discover, experience and play with our own unique vocal identity. Our voice becomes a mirror of ourselves in this present moment. Katya offers private sessions in voice coaching, helping us uncover our vocal identity and strength. Her voice coaching techniques include deep visioning, body and voice observation, breath work and improvised voice toning and harmonizing.

Katya is a singer who has been using the voice as a tool for transformation and bringing awareness to our subconscious. She has spent the last few months gathering and learning traditional polyphonic style songs in Eastern Europe, the land of her ancestors.