Studies have proven that when we talk candidly about sex with our partners, we have more pleasurable and safer sex, higher self-esteem, feel more connected to our partners, and are more open to trying new things. But talking about sex isn’t always so easy. 

Drawing on the history of psychology and the science of sexuality, Jared leads fun interactive workshops on how to cultivate the intimacy we need for profound experiences in bed, and other places. We playfully explore the practices of setting intentions and boundaries, acknowledging consent, giving and receiving feedback, as well as asking for what we want, while creating the intimate space we are ready for. 

As creator and host of Touchpoint, New York City’s monthly town hall about love, sex and identity, Jared has talked to thousands of people about what they are exploring in bed and in love. What does intimacy mean in the modern world, whether it’s in a long-term relationship, or a first date?