Gama & Meru is the symbiosis of the soundscapes of the Brazilian artist Gamaand the performative alias of the Mexico based artist Stella Ismene, Meru. Out of meditation practices followed by intuitive A/V experiments they have developed a language of storytelling through ambiences and DIY gong-like instruments. The duo explore those in two acts: El cuento de Luo and Marémar.

El cuento de Luo (Dance experience)

El cuento de luó is a ritualistic storytelling that brings the luǒ installations to a relaxed dance environment. The narrative oscillates between figurative and abstract, communicating with the creative self.

Each of the multimedia instruments is associated to a storyline and together with performance and the liveset of Gama, they create a space that can be experienced through one’s movement.

Marémar (Ambient act)

Marémar is the atmospheric manifestation of Gama and Meru. The duo, on this act, focus on the exploration of storytelling through evolving atmospheres. Tales, soundscapes and their Installations are used to dissipate and concentrate attention.

A loose narrative is created by improvisation between a varied palette of recordings, spacious loops of Egyptian harp and synthesised sounds