Eva Kaczor guides us into non-ordinary states of consciousness. Drawing on ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary science, Eva developed a signature ritual of meditation, dynamic breathing and movement techniques. Collaborating with artists, such as Acid Pauli and Birds of Mind, she creates mystical electronic soundtracks that accompany her classes. Letting the deep breathing techniques unite with electronic music, we enter altered states of consciousness and access higher realms of self-awareness and knowledge. Clearing mental, emotional and physical blockages we tap into our personal visionary potentials, and detox our mind and body organism in profound ways.

Eva’s holistic workout routines are tailored to individual needs, building full body strength and flexibility, supporting immune system, and releasing stress and toxins on deep cellular levels. As a holistic coach, Eva offers group classes, as well as private psychedelic breath and yoga workouts. She specialises in helping guests create their personal breathing, meditation and workout routines. In her private coaching, Eva empowers her clients to live their fully activated potential by discovering their true purpose. 

Eva Kaczor is a Dipl. Psychologist, spiritual coach, breath work and meditation teacher. Eva holds certifications in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with additional trainings in Thetahealing, Reiki and Spiraldynamik. Facilitating transformational experiences, retreats and ceremonies worldwide, her partners include Burning Man, HABITAS, Nomade Tulum, and Gardens of Babylon.