Human Design brings together the ancient wisdom of Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras and the Kabbalah with the modern science of Quantum Physics and Genetics, giving us an operating manual for how we are uniquely designed to make decisions and to communicate. 

Making it easier to flow and materialize what we truly want in life with every decision we make, this is the first system of its kind. As a cutting-edge personality assessment tool, Human Design sheds light on our emotional, psychological and energetic makeup, giving us self-awareness and tools to align with our unique nature.

Erin’s group workshops will be a deep dive into who we are, uniquely designed to make decisions and navigate our relationships and career with the most ease and least resistance as our most authentic self. Human Design is not about changing who we are, but about giving us full permission to be who we have always been. Erin will also give private sessions offering unique insights into your very own Human Design.

Based in New York City, Erin is a leadership coach specializing in Human Design.