Danielle Paige

Astrology is the language of the stars, which is the language of our soul. Drawing on ancient wisdom, applied to modern times, Danielle is a self-taught Intuitive Astrologer and Spiritual Teacher. She has been reading the stars for lifetimes, and continues her studies with some of the world’s top astrologers.

By fusing astrology, energetic healing and intuition, she is able to tap into her clients’ subconscious, and help them heal their wounds and old patterns, in order to come back home to their heart. Danielle will guide us to understand the foundations of astrology, as well as the deeper mysteries of our birth charts, including our Houses, Signs and Planets. In her interactive group workshops we will explore how celestial alignments and movements influence our life path.

Danielle is the host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul and Astrology Mystery School. She has given talks on mysticism and astrology at international venues, such as The Assemblage Nomad in NYC, and Soho House Malibu. Danielle has traveled to over 32 countries bringing women together, and leading retreats in Hawaii as well as the Greek islands.